We Love Our Customers :)

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Ryan M., Venice, CA

Ryan reached out to us to build him the ultimate beach mobile for his active lifestyle in Venice Beach and beyond. As an active surfer and camper, but also a super busy professional, Ryan puts a high value on his free time and wanted a bullet proof camper that could take him places and get him back in time for work the next day. With a Webasto heater, a Fiamma awning, Rhino Rack roof tracks and full Peace Vans Modern Camper package, he’s stoked and all set. Happy Trails Ryan! We miss you already.

Jerry W., St. Louis, MO

Jerry called us out of the blue one day asking if we could configure a Metris Weekender in such a way that he could secure two of his road bikes. Jerry travels the US doing epic rides and was tiring of the spend for bad hotels and missing out on great camping. A Peace Vans Modern Weekender would be just the ticket if only we could fit and secure two bikes. We went to our literal drawing boards and engineers and - voila! - we could do it and do it well. But, the true test was that day in August when Jerry flew out to get his van (purchased over the phone) and fit his two bikes in (which he shipped to us ahead of time and we assembled). And, BAM! - they fit beautifully and Jerry drove off into the proverbial sunset (it was a cloudy PNW day). In his own words:

“Harley, Adam and the entire Peace Van staff ,

I want to thank you for the old fashion customer service you provided me during my decision on ordering a weekender conversion to the delivery . You proved to deliver on your voice shake ( hand shake ) just like business was done 30 years ago . I am delighted I put my trust in you . Some of my riding group could not believe I would order an up fit ,site unseen. I appreciate the time Adam spent showering me how everything operated during the delivery. I was able to pop the top in the dark the first time I used it .

After 4200 miles I am pleased. I will recommend Peace Vans , a small business that wears it’s integrity proudly .

Sincerely, Jerry”

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Kim and Arnie, Seattle, WA

Kim and Arnie were so much fun to work with. They came to us with a long history of camping - most recently in a converted Ford Transit van which they found too “tinny” and not up to their standards. The second they stepped into a Peace Vans Modern Camper, it was pretty much a done deal. A few months later, they picked up and hit the road for 10 days the very next day. They recently brought their van back to us to upgrade a battery, and we honestly think they might have spent more nights in the van than not. What a fun couple.

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Naomi N., San Luis Obispo, CA

Naomi called us out of the blue a few months back and, sight unseen, ordered a Peace Vans Modern Camper. Coming from a Eurovan, it was easy for her to imagine the huge step up it was going to be. But, the smiles on pick up day showed that we far exceeded her expectations. Naomi will be loving her van with every option added in - the Webasto heater, Rhino Rack roof rack, Fiamma awning and all sorts of other goodies. Naomi hopped in her van and had a perfect 4 day road trip home and immediately starting showing the van off to her neighbors (we’ve gotten two calls already, Thanks Naomi!).

Pat and Barbara C., Portland, OR

Pat picked up his Pebble Gray (yes, we - too - love the color but don’t see the gray) Peace Vans Modern camper a few months back. Last we heard he was in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Criss-crossing the country in his reliable, safe and oh-so-comfortable modern camper van.