How Does The Purchase Process Work?

At present, there’s two transactions that happen and often happen in parallel, although the order isn’t important. Working with a Mercedes Benz dealer you source a properly spec’ed out van - one that has the features you want, and one that has the requirements we need. If you’re unsure, you can learn more here. In parallel, you can work with a Peace Vans Modern team member to generate a detailed estimate for your project and make your initial payment to Peace Vans. These two steps can happen in any order. While we can work on used vans, we find the perceived cost difference isn’t always worth the hassle. But let us know and we can help

What Are The Advantages of Using Peace Vans for this project?

Honestly, there are many benefits and we are not just saying that because we are Peace Vans. First and foremost, we are a deeply established company with an impeccable reputation for quality, craftsmanship, transparency and ease of working with. Having worked on well over 1000 VW Camper Vans, we know this space and know it extremely well and have the talent, IQ and EQ to support you along the way. We aren’t a couple of guys in a garage - we are craftsman, project managers, business people and passionate outdoor enthusiasts.

An excellent example of this is how we handle the pop tops. Most companies building Metris Campers use the same top supplier. Having one of the best vintage restoration body and paint shops in the US gives a tremendous edge in working with these tops. It’s been our experience that 95% of the tops have small imperfections that must be corrected before you - the customer - gets the top. We have seen several tops that were installed by other upfitters that are now cracking, leaking and worse and there is little recourse. Anyone that installs a top without prepping, priming and painting it is asking for trouble. Whenever we see one of these tops installed without being prepped, primed and painted - out hearts break. Our trained professionals inspect every single top and treat them all. This is just one example of why going with a deeply experience upfitter is important.

Peace Vans also has a dedicated project management team, so any time you call or email you will reach someone and someone who knows who you are and can answer your questions.

Our relationship with Mercedes (at the Corporate US, Global HQ and local dealerships) is unmatched. We know how to escalate things, whom to call and how to get things done within the complex Mercedes world. They have vetted out designs, engineering and manufacturing processes.

Passion. Come visit us. You’ll quickly get it - we love what we do. Camper vans are in our blood and bringing a modern version of our beloved VWs to market is a mission we are insanely proud of. There’s usually over a 100 different camper vans of various vintages throughout our properties.

What’s the schedule like?

Presently, we don’t have inventory vans to sell. We are partnering with some folks to try and make that happen, but people keep buying them pretty quickly. To be safe, we tell people it’s going to be 3-4 months from order to deliver. It could be a bit longer or a bit shorter. A full camper build takes about 4 weeks end-to-end (including curing times, workflow adjustments, final prep and delivery). We are working very hard to to shorten this and should have some exciting news to discuss soon. We hope to have some in stock at our local dealer partner in mid 2020.

But don’t let this dissuade you. The good things are worth waiting for, and the bottom line is that we are never, ever going to cut a single corner to finish a project. We will strive to be efficient, constantly improving, hard working and diligent - but we will not take a short cut to meet a deadline.

Do I Need to Come To Seattle to Do This?

We love our corner of the US - Seattle, WA. And we hope you do come and visit us; either before your purchase to meet us, pick out your van, or even rent one from us for a few nights to try it. But, if that’s not possible - we have plenty of customers who purchase their vans without visiting. We can video chat with you and show you a finished van and/or work in progress. When it’s time to come pick up we would love to do that in person. Many customers plan a multi-week road trip back home after pick up - we will happily fill your van with groceries and other goodies for the trip home.

We have driven all the possible vans for a realistic conversion in the US and - by far - the Metris is the best. Not only is it a beautifully driving van (it’s true - nothing else drives like a Mercedes), but it is perfectly suited for a conversion - it has a towing capacity of 5000 pounds, it’s comfortable to drive long distances, and there’s enough room for four comfortably and 5 can squeeze. None of those are true for the other platforms. When we thought about what we wanted to bring to market and examined the quality of the underlying chassis and how it fit with our higher end build, it was an obvious choice. Now, don’t get us wrong, the Metris isn’t perfect - we’d love to see some more advanced features in the cabin, a few nicer touches here and there, but where it matters - the Metris shines.

Why The Metris for the Conversion? What about the Transit or NV2000

Unfortunately, we don’t keep vans inventory to sell - although we are working with some select dealers to do this in the future - so, currently, there will always be some sort of wait. We typically tell people to plan on 2-4 months from the time we get the initial payment to final delivery. There are many factors that can impact this (and, no doubt our first dozen or so builds were longer lead times), but this is a good heuristic. Often times, vans from Mercedes can take 60-90 days from order to landing at our facility - this is usually the biggest determinant of timing. If you are thinking Spring or Summer of 2020, now is not a bad time to start those discussions with us.

What’s the current wait time to get a conversion done?